Frequently Asked Questions

How do I complete a booking request?

You can submit a booking request here. Please complete all fields and provide as much information as possible. Requests submitted with incomplete information will not be processed. Once your request has been received you will be contacted by the Booking Department.

Who can I contact if I do not receive a response to my booking request?

If you have not received a response within one week of submission, please email us with your booking request information.

What is the booking confirmation process?

Once your completed booking request has been received, the Booking Department will contact you to discuss your proposal and if accepted, an agreement will be reached. Once the contract and invoice has been issued, the event will only be confirmed once the contract has been signed and payment for the invoice received.

Where can I find the Artists Press Packs and Technical Riders?

Artist Press Pack and Technical Riders are located on each Artist’s individual page. A password is required to download them. Ask your agent for a password.

What is a Cadenza Showcase?

A Cadenza Showcase features two or more Cadenza Artists and is considered a special event. Only with these events the use of the Cadenza logo is permitted. Artwork and additional press is also provide by Cadenza and included in a Brand Fee.